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/// MadWish Pro board game 18+


/// MadWish Beach board game 18+
/// MadWish Original board game 18+ 
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/// MadWish Hen board game 18+
/// MadWish Party & Joy game 10+ 
/// Rebelz Original board game 10+

/// Company info

Rebelz Games is a fresh, innovative, dynamic entertainment
company based in the Netherlands.

The idea of developing board games arose from the fact that the
board game industry is simply dull & old-fashioned.
After 75 years of playing Monopoly the time has come for
something new! MadWish!

Daring, innovative and unique are the keywords for our games.
Where other board game manufacturers seem to stay within the
lines, Rebelz Games is not afraid to cross some borders.
Our motto is: Dare to be Different!

Creative factory
Maashaven Zuidzijde 2
3081 AE Rotterdam

Postbus 51003
3007 GA Rotterdam


Questions, notices, requests,
suggestions and ideas can be
mailed to


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