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Currently we ship to The Netherlands and the rest of Europe. For other countries and special orders send us an email to info@rebelzgames.com. US clients can order at spencersonline.com.

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Rebelz Games is a fresh, daring, innovative and dynamic entertainment company based in The Netherlands. We operate from the great city of Rotterdam with a multi-cultural staff which is the key and life line in our products.
In an era where online gaming is the standard, we bring back the excitement, brotherhood and love that we used to experience playing board games.
Daring, innovative and unique are keywords for our games. We're taught to color inside the lines but we say screw that. We color where we want, we stand where we want to and we play how we want to play. Join our Rebelz crew on FACEBOOK



Coming soon...

MadPong, the best thing since beerpong:
Finally, our MadPong design is finished and ready for production. Follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest news.

New MadWish P...



Do you know Beer Pong?
Off course you do. You’ve probably played it more times than you can remember. Beer pong is the most popular party drinking game in the world. It is so popular that it has become a sport, with its own world championship.

We love challenges and making things better so we thought: let's combine the best elements of MadWish with traditional Beer pong and created MadPong for you!
It's time for FULL MADNESS!!! Check it out on:

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Soon on TV...

Creating original concepts is what keeps us smiling. Our goal for 2016 is to have one of the four TV formats on your screen. We as Rebelz believe that today’s television can use some new vibes which will bring more joy into people's lives.

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Rebelz in action

Meet the Rebelz

The Rebelz are the ones that give color and personality to our games. Each couple represents a different sub-culture and has its own characteristics. Even though they are all different, all Rebelz are made from the same shape, they’re ONE! Choose which Rebel fits you the best.


Say hello, to my little friend!

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